Six Free Beginner Belly Dancing Videos

6 Easy to Understand & Learn Beginner Belly Dancing Videos Gets You Dancing Today”

belly-dance-basics-for-beginning-belly-dancers-belly-dance-dvd-lessonsThese free beginning belly dance video lessons have been taken from “Belly Dance Basics For The Beginning Belly Dancer”, a full length 60 minute DVD that breaks down and demonstrates the fundamental beginning belly dance moves without jargon and in a way you can completely understand and follow.

It doesn’t mater if you have your sights set on a professional career or you’re more curious then committed, These 6 free beginner belly dancing videos is the place for you to start.

These Free Beginner Belly Dancing Videos Teaches You….

  • Correct Posture and Positioning; Belly Dancing requires a specific posture. You’ll learn how you should posture and position your feet, knees, hips, abs, chest and arms.

  • Basic Single Hip Thrust: The basic hip move is a called a thrust or a bump. You’ll learn how to correctly thrust from left to right in a way that builds balance between both sides of your body.

  • Hip Circles: Following posture, positioning and thrusts you’ll learn what is called a hip circle and combining  your thrusts with your hip circles. A hip circle is a soft move in contrast to a thrust which is a sharp move and you need both in a choreography.
  • Combining Thrusts and Circles: After learning posture, positioning, thrusts and circles you’ll learn how to bring the sharp thrust and the soft hip circle together to begin to round out your basic hip work.

  • Double Thrusts With Circles:  The basic thrust is called a single thrust but things get a little spicier when you learn how to combine double and single thrusts with your hip circles.
  • Singles Doubles and Chest:  Moving from your lower body to your upper body you’ll learn the basic chest circle to go along with your thrusts and hip circles and as you move from lower to upper and begin to understand and feel the source of movement, which is essential to your development.

  • Bring It All Together: With the proper posture and positioning and foundation movements you’ll learn how to bring all of it together;  single thrust, double thrusts, hip circles, chest circles and basic arms you will begin to see and feel and see yourself as a Belly Dancer.

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In addition to the Free Beginner Belly Dancing Videos I’ll also send help you develop your own practice routine as well. Regardless if your curious, or if a committed beginner belly dancer, these free beginner belly beginning dancing videos will help you start your belly dancing journey and once you get started, who knows how far you’ll go.

free beginner belly dance videos testimonials for leyla najmaLeyla , I really liked this video. I could feel the muscles being worked. I like how you broke it down and so that someone who has never belly danced before can follow along and actually learn the moves….Deanna

I Finally Understand – Thank You, Thank You

1024-iconI just watched the video and started practicing and I love it………… I love how you explain. Finally I think I can do it because finally I get to understand.

Thanks a lot…Lilliam, Nevada

1024-iconViewing your videos have inspired me to continue with belly dancing .you have shown a professional motivation and care in teaching.

Thank you for your assistance. Shadow

1024-icon Side To Side Makes it Easier:

I love the way you are showing how to do these moves. By showing the moves from the side, it makes it easier to see what you are doing . You have tremendous talent. I look forward to trying to learn more. Thank you, Pam

1024-iconThe Easy Way

This is a really easy way to learn how to belly dance. she explains it in a understandable way and seems to take her time in doing so. Jhade

1024-iconBest 10 Minutes Ever Spent

I just wanted to say that this is probably the best 10 minutes I’ve ever spent. Even though this is only beginning moves and it was a short amount of time, I can really, really feelmy core and muscies….and not in a sore way either. This is so helpfuful. THANK YOU! Bree

1024-icon Exactly What a Beginner Needs

I’m 23 and have wanted to learn how to belly dance for years. Unfortunately here are no classes in my area. I have tried many times to learn with DVDs as well as online videos and have never had any success until I came across your site. I’m finally understanding!!! the way you break down the movements and the details you go into are amazing and exactly what a beginner needs…I am so happy I came across this. cant wait for the next video! Casey